Valdasstudio is a ceramics art studio that specializes in exclusive handcrafted   tableware.  It was launched in 2012 by  Valdas Pukevicius, a professional  ceramics artist  who  hadbegun  his  career in 2005 and  who  is the  sole mind, hands and heart ofthe studio.  High quality and  functionality, subtle esthetics,  as well as moderate color palette and  thoroughlycalculated textures are those distinctive  features that render  Valdasstudioceramic objects  exclusive and highlydesirable.  These creations have been   soughtafter  and appreciated not only by individualbuyers  but also by  trendy restaurants  in major citiesof  Lithuania.
The cource of inspiration for Valdasstudio  creations  appears to be the  devious, unpredictable nature with  its infinity of  forms and textures, as well as  glimpses  in  time like short-lived morning  fog  or  melting snow. The  unusual and exciting  ceramic tableware   by Valdasstudio are marked  by   striking originality that  has  evolved  from  painstaking  experimenting with  different  clays and  matteglazes of various  properties.
Valdasstudio  tableware are designed  for those who  dare and  strive for perfection, for  those who have come to appreciate  the  extraordinary  handcrafted  quallity.