The plates are currently involved in SAFE HORIZONS At the exhibition of contemporary Baltic ceramics in South Korea September - December, 2022 The plates will be on sale in 2023. We went through an interesting, strange, difficult and inspiring period - a pandemic. When the rapidly rotating world was stopped. We have quickly become local from the global, we have become isolated individuals in our social networks from many open and intimate beings. This moment of change, the transformation of our lives, inspired me the most to start creating the cycle of works "Tête-à-tête". The plate with two eyes was chosen as a human symbol. Using a lot of colors, textures, and surface relief, I try to capture everyday emotions and moods. Working with the Tête-à-tête collection, I stick, decorate and glaze every day. It helps to maintain a common style, but at the same time, each day gives the dishes being created an individuality in which we can observe the change of each day. Every individual is very important, authentic, unique, but at the same time dependent on the individual next to him. All the plates together create a new derivation - a NEW reflection of my (all of us together) everyday life. I want us to be able to look at and understand the great impact this pandemic has had on all of us as we look at this work. I want every eye to see our personal inner transformations in this work. I used white clay mass to glue the works. Burning temperature 1040, 780 degrees. I used all the glazes available: enamels, matte, artistic, textured, cracker glazes. Precious metal products: gold, copper, platinum. Decals. Post-glazed paints, glass beads. The Tête-à-tête cycle consists of large-format decorative plates with a total of 100 pieces. The diameter of one plate is 34cm. The entire collection was created in 2021.