Decorative plate

"By experimenting a lot with glazes, their colors, textures, glass glazes, Valdas gained innumerable visual emotions, where the surfaces can resemble both watercolor and stained glass, and a fragment of expressive painting. Other elements that create surface aesthetics, gold, bronze, are inevitable. , and the symbolism and stories of the same decals that complement the emotions of one or another work. Valdas uses a large-format plate based on his improvisations, supplemented by symbolic signs of prominent "eye bubbles". It is like a “stencil”, only an initial hint of forms, which was destined to become the starting point of a collection full of diverse colors, emotions, associations and experiments. This can be compared to the original forms of emoticon badges (such as “smile”), which have now become entire emoticon collections and catalogs in virtual communities. Tête-à-tête with everyday emotions, met people - this is the main credo of this Valdo collection. "- Art critic Vaidilutė Brazauskaitė-Lupeikienė

Unique, playful decorative plates that participated in Valdas Pukevičius '6th personal exhibition Tête-à-tête at the Gallery of the Lithuanian Artists' Union "Gallery XX" in Panevėžys.

The diameter of the plate is 34 cm.

Can be hung.